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It’s the first anniversary of the DEX Hub! Check out some of highlights from our inaugural year.

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DEX Professionals Blaze New Career in Enterprise Tech

We surveyed a new crop of IT workers that are creative, bold, and passionate about improving the modern Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Learn about their competitive salaries and attractive career prospects...
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Salary and Demand for DEX Professionals Are Sky High

Over a third of respondents (35%) agreed that the proportion of DEX roles increased in 2020, 7 percentage points higher compared to the previous five years.

DEX Work Pays Very Well

DEX professionals are in demand and earn competitive wages. The average salary across the US, UK, France and Germany is $116,501.

DEX Salaries in the US Soar Above the Industry Average

When we compare salaries just in the US, DEX workers in senior leadership positions average a whopping $148,045—nearly 83% higher than the average IT salary in that country ($80,864 according to payscale.com as of March, 2021).
Germany$118,785France$101,540USA$130,095UK$101,354Global Average$116,501

The 4 Factors that Influence the Highest Earners

1,000 - 2,999 employees
3,000 - 4,999 employees
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5,000+ employees

Company Size

Those who work in mid-sized organizations (3,000-4,999 employees) tend to earn the highest.
Under $500 million
$500 million - $1 billion
$1 billion - $5 billion
$5 billion - $10 billion
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$10 billion - $50 billion
More than $50 billion

Annual Revenue

Companies with $5b - $10b in annual revenue pay out the highest DEX salaries.
Business & Professional Services
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Construction & Property
Energy & Utilities
Financial Services
IT, Technology & Telecoms
Manufacturing & Production
Public Sector
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Retail, Distribution & Transport
Other Sector


What industry you work in also can determine the type of DEX salary you might receive. Workers in the business and professional services sector earn the highest ($137,161) while those in the public sector earn the least ($89,452).
18 - 34 years old
35 - 44 years old
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45 - 54 years old
55 and over


The highest average DEX earners are typically 35-44 years old ($125,946).
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DEX Professionals Are Driven and Ambitious

70% see themselves moving into a director, C-suite or CEO-level position within the next five years.

DEX Workers Are Aiming for Top IT Roles

DEX workers often progress with internal promotion (based on merit), but they are also ambitious and will apply internally for more senior positions.

"What Was Your Career Path From Your Previous Role to Your Current Role?"

Promoted internally (based on merit)
Applied internally for a more senior position
Recruited externally
From higher education

Climbing the Ladder

When DEX professionals change jobs, they receive a serious pay bump!
Current role
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Past role
Prior role

Senior Leadership Level

Senior DEX leaders averaged a 28% pay raise from their previous job role, and nearly a 50% raise from two jobs prior.
Current role
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Past role
Prior role

Mid-Management Level

Mid-management DEX leaders averaged a 22% pay raise from their previous role, and a 39% raise from two jobs prior.
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About the Survey

We interviewed 1,000 DEX-IT professionals from 4 countries, 3 distinct company sizes, 2 position levels, and several IT domains, industries, and company revenue levels.

The Top 5 Job Titles Recorded

We also found several emerging job titles tied to DEX: Chief Experience Officer, Chief Digital Officer, & Digital Experience Officer.
IT Manager
IT Director

Spread Across 4 Countries


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