The DEX Show | Podcast #16 – The World’s Oldest Millennial w/ Ben Ward

The DEX Show | Podcast #16 – The World’s Oldest Millennial w/ Ben Ward
September 15, 2021

End users now have choices — it’s devices as choice, it’s experience as choice — and that is what has made life both easier and more difficult for IT.” — Ben Ward

The paradigm used to be that corporate technology slowly inched its way into the consumer’s hands. During that era, IT had full control over the technology. Users, however, were frustrated because of its inability to adapt to the experience we expected and needed.

Now, that paradigm has shifted. Ever since the advent of the iPhone, we’ve flipped the script. Now, we’re bringing user-friendly consumer technology into the workplace and asking IT to support it, to secure it — to make it work.

In this episode, Ben Ward, EUC Activist and Senior SE at IGEL, breaks down the history of corporate technology and how consumerization has made IT’s job both easier and more difficult.

We discuss:

  • The beginnings of corporate technology
  • How the iPhone almost broke IT
  • Why enterprises should adopt an intuitive, user-friendly model for support
  • The trend toward user experience monitoring

You can read Ben Ward’s brilliant new article: Greater expectations: How the smartphone put employees in charge.

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