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Did you know that IT professionals who work in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) earn, on average, 38% more than their peers? Take this free certificate to boost your salary earnings and shift your career into the cutting-edge field that is redefining IT for the digital future.

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Course Highlights

How to Calculate DEX

You need 2 vital data points: Technology Performance & Employee Sentiment



Every DEX Ops Team should have at least 5 defined roles. Take the course to find out what they are.



The trainings are awesome! The content was thorough and the questions clear. These trainings are perfect for IT professionals who want to skill up for careers in DEX.

Youssef Saad

OCP Group

Nexthink put the DEX Management Certification together for everyone new and old in this space and it will be indispensable for those who are looking to advance their DEX projects internally.

Geoffrey Wright


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