DEX Technology Mapper

What Makes up Your Digital Employee Experience?
Select the digital tools your organization is using from the categories below. See if your toolkit is fit to drive a successful DEX strategy.
How It Works
With the DEX Technology Mapper, you can build multi-dimensional view of your digital employee experience toolkit. Building a map is simple:
Choose your Applications
Click into a category box and add the applications your employees use. If you don’t see an application you use, make sure to tell us using the ‘Don’t See Your Technology?’ button at the bottom of the diagram.
Cover Every Category
Make sure to explore every category in the diagram generator. If you don’t currently utilize an application in a given category, simply leave it blank.
Use your Diagram
When you are finished, it’s time to use your diagram. Download, share or email it… most importantly, use it to illuminate new opportunities to drive your digital employee experience strategy forward.