The Experience Toolkit: Assembling A DEX Super-Team

96% of technology leaders report that providing a strong Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is a top priority. But they’re left with a crucial question: How do we evolve from valuing DEX to becoming a truly DEX-driven organization?

In today’s increasingly complex digital workplace, managing DEX is too essential to exist as a side-project or as one of many tasks on an IT team’s checklist. The organizations leading the DEX revolution understand this – and that’s why they’re building teams of IT pros with the sole purpose of improving DEX.

Enter: the Center of Excellence.

The DEXOps Center of Excellence (CoE)

A DEX-driven organization needs a DEX-driven team at its center. This group of Experience experts transcends the service delivery and maintenance functions of a typical IT team. Their mission is to proactively improve DEX inside the organization – while driving business value from their experience management technology.

But technology is just one piece of the puzzle. This IT super-team deploys the multi-dimensional approach necessary to embed DEX into the fabric of an organization:

Thought Leadership

Educational content on trends & developments impacting employee experience.


Hands-on guidance to help all employee-facing departments implement strategies to improve DEX.


Proactive and targeted service to solve and prevent issues impacting employees.

Best Practices

Personalized tips and tactics for employees to be proactive, get the most out of their technology, and maintain wellbeing.


Actionable insights from within the industry and broader tech landscape that will fuel new DEX-focused innovation projects.

Specialist Skills

Unique, hyper-specific roles and abilities that coalesce to improve every facet of Experience.

The Journey

With the CoE behind the wheel of DEX management technology, IT evolves from a cost center to a strategic driver of business value.

  • Tactical: Faster troubleshooting = increased productivity.
  • Proactive: Incident reduction = improved employee perception of IT.
  • Continuous: Alignment with business priorities = more cost-effective IT.
  • Strategic: DEX-driven organization = higher employee engagement + retention.

The Team

The specific titles, functions, and number of CoE team members will vary depending on an organization’s needs. But in order to bring the CoE to life, let’s run down what a successful DEX super-team might look like.

Chief DEX Officer

The team leader. Oversees DEX procedures and targets for each member of the team – while ensuring that these processes extend the value of the business’s investment in DEX technology.

The Chief DEX Officer works with business stakeholders and department leaders to champion the use of DEX management, creating advocates throughout the organization.

Business Analyst

The strategist. Develops practical & innovative use cases for DEX management. Collaborates with IT teams to understand their needs and translate them into new DEX initiatives.

In addition to developing specific use cases, the Business Analyst acts as the DEX internal consultant for other teams and projects.

Proactive Analyst

The problem-solver. Continuously monitors hard metrics and sentiment data to proactively identify issues impacting IT health. Supports the creation of improvement plans in collaboration with IT service teams.

The master of the DEX Score, the Proactive Analyst enables the CoE to solve problems before employees know they exist.

Technical Analyst

The data expert. Ensures the standardization and consistency of experience data. Leverages technical skills to create and customize DEX content, including investigations, dashboards, and campaigns.

The Technical Analyst isn’t just a master of data – they also use their expertise to educate and inform across the CoE, the greater IT department, and development teams responsible for APIs and 3rd party integrations.

Sentiment Analyst

The empath. The Sentiment Analyst is responsible for hearing and amplifying the voice of employees. They craft targeted engagement campaigns to gather employee feedback and highlight issues that can’t be seen through technical analysis alone.

The Sentiment Analyst is the link between employees and the DEX team, a vital role in the team’s ability to assess and improve user experience.

Experience is everything – start your DEX journey today.

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