“Human brains are sense-making machines, they’re pattern recognizing machines, we’re great at trying to figure things out from information. But when it comes to big data, it can be really hard for us to figure out how we process that.”

One of the first technologies we worked with was fire. From there it exploded into a multitude of different ways to integrate and make our lives easier.

The future of technology is just as complex as our evolution from fire to modern day computers. And it’s rooted in psychology.

In today’s episode, we chat with our very own Oriana Ott, Senior UX Researcher at Nexthink, about the intersection between psychology and tech and how they’re bridged by data.

We discuss:

  1. Why IT has shifted from strictly computer-facing to incorporating more human factors
  2. What qualitative and quantitative data shows the importance IT specialists and human interactions
  3. How psychology and technology will continue to grow together

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