The DEX Show | Podcast #72 - DEXifying US government (w/ NuAxis)

The DEX Show | Podcast #72 - DEXifying US government (w/ NuAxis)
November 15, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the exciting potential marriage of digital employee experience and US government, asking what DEX could do to improve the services provided to US citizens. To discuss this, Tim and Tom are joined by Richard J. Zanatta (VP Operations & Chief Technology Officer) and Amanda Chavez (VP of Customer Experience) from NuAxis Innovations.

Their conversation covers topics such as Human-centered design, AI and the role of machine learning in shaping industries and the public sector both.

There are also the first of this year’s DEX Show predictions for 2024 (which may or may not include figures from 80s cinema sci-fi blockbusters) and much more besides! It was a great conversation and we hope you all enjoy it.

Watch Pedro Bados and Sam Gantner’s amazing keynote (and much more Experience Everywhere content) on-demand here.

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