The DEX Show | Podcast #75 - 750,000 Endpoints with Accenture

The DEX Show | Podcast #75 - 750,000 Endpoints with Accenture
January 4, 2024

Happy 2024 everyone! In this exciting first DEX Show episode of the new year, Tim and Tom dive into the world of Nexthink’s much heralded, powerful new orchestration engine Flow, with special guest Jason Bentz, Design Experience Senior Manager at Accenture.

Jason, overseeing the digital experience of 750,000 endpoints at Accenture, sheds light on how Flow is already helping to revolutionize their approach to defining a good user experience.

It's a must-listen and a great way to kick off another year of the DEX Show...

Find out more about the incredible Nexthink Flow here:

Check out Experience Everywhere on-demand (including Jason's amazing presentation) here:

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