Today’s a very special day here on the DEX Hub – as we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary!

One year ago today, we launched the DEX Hub with the mission to deliver the most engaging and valuable content about everything happening in the world of Digital Employee Experience. From futuristic technology to corporate sustainability to digital workplace trends and everything in between, we’ve spent this year striving to bring you the stories you need to build a happier, more productive, more successful workplace.

And we couldn’t have done it without the help of so many fantastic contributors. In addition to the 15+ Nexthinkers who have published great content on the Hub, we’ve been so honored to welcome 17 extraordinary contributors from some of the world’s leading digital workplaces!

These business leaders and industry experts have offered their unique, firsthand perspectives on the trends and strategies that are revolutionizing every facet of DEX. To everyone who has contributed to the Hub over this past year, we can’t thank you enough!

Before we turn the page and usher in Year 2 of the DEX Hub, we’d like to show our appreciation by looking back at some of the fantastic content our contributors have produced so far:

ITQ’s Johan van Amersfoort on Future-Facing VDI Use Cases:

“When these businesses see how far VDI has come, those concerns vanish. Today, virtual desktops have the ability to massively improve experience without sacrificing flexibility. You’ll see that when you read these three unique VDI use cases – stories that prove why virtual desktops will play an essential role in supporting future workplaces.”

Johan van Amersfoort, author and Technologist at ITQ, delivered this fascinating piece on the many innovative ways virtual desktops are being used today – from gaming to hosting complex virtual reality technology.

Siemens’ Rainer Karcher on Real-World Green IT: 

“At Siemens, though, we’re trying, really trying, to be green inside and out. Want proof of this (you should)? We’re firmly committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2030 for scope 1 and 2 and by 2050 for scope 3 emissions. This means analyzing everything we do, and thinking how we can effect changes that can help us reach that goal.”

Rainer Karcher, Global Director of IT Sustainability at Siemens, penned this vital and timely breakdown of the benefits of sustainable IT and the steps companies can take to create an effective Green IT strategy.

IGEL Technology’s Ben Ward on Technology’s Impact on Employee Expectations:

“Though we may not realize it, the way technology is presented to us, the way we consume it and – perhaps most importantly – our expectations of the technology we use have changed beyond recognition.”

In this entertaining and engaging piece, IGEL’s Senior SE Ben Ward uses the smartphone as a starting point to discuss the ways in which employees’ expectations of the workplace have been impacted by their personal technology.

Slater & Gordon Lawyers’ Jon Grainger on Network Issues and Employee Experience:

“At Slater & Gordon, ‘connection’ has been our guiding principle during the pandemic era. We made sure employees had new avenues to connect with each other and collaborate virtually – but we also placed an added emphasis on network connectivity and the steps we could take to prevent slowdowns from plaguing employee productivity.”

We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Jon Grainger, CIO at Slater & Gordon Lawyers’, on a number of great projects – including this illuminating article about the many ways IT teams can proactively avoid network issues to improve experience for remote and hybrid workers.

Mary K. Pratt on the Increasing Market Value of Employee-First IT Professionals:

“Delivering that best possible digital experience requires a new kind of IT team – one that includes technologists experienced in this area. It’s an investment that more organizations are willing to make: Our research shows that executives are paying a premium for professionals with DEX-related skills.”

We were so lucky to welcome award-winning tech journalist Mary K. Pratt to the DEX Hub this year! In this piece, she offered her expert perspective to explore the reasons employee-experienced focused IT workers are earning higher salaries than their peers in today’s increasingly DEX-driven business world.

Thanks to all of our incredible DEX Hub readers!

The above stories are just a small fraction of the amazing contributors we’ve worked with this year – and we’re incredibly thankful for each and every person that has made the DEX Hub the publication it is today.

And last but certainly not least: none of our success would have been possible without you, our DEX Hub readers! We’ve been blown away by the responses we’ve gotten since launching the publication a year ago. Your support has inspired us to make this next year even bigger and better, and we can’t wait for you to see the amazing content we have in store for you!

Before you go, we can’t fully celebrate the DEX Hub’s anniversary without shouting out the Digital Employee Experience Show! Hosted by Nexthinkers Tom McGrath and Tim Flower, this podcast has welcomed more than thirty brilliant guests from around the world, and each episode has been packed with illuminating (and fun!) discussions about every aspect of digital experience.

That’s a wrap on Year One of the DEX Hub! Keep reading, keep listening, and we’ll keep delivering you the most impactful stories to help you stay up-to-date on everything in the world of digital experience.