The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #14 – Poetry in the Machine

The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #14 – Poetry in the Machine
January 25, 2023

Between chatbots capable of writing entire articles and apps that can churn out unique, beautiful visual art in seconds, several innovations over the past year have turned up the volume on a classic question – when does AI go too far?

We break down that question and more on this week’s Reality Bytes, as writers Sam Holzman and Megan Brake are joined by technologists Dina Elshawaf and Oriana Ott to explore the emergence of generative AI, discussing:

  • How today’s creatives are actually using tools like DALL-E and ChatGPT.
  • The impact of generative AI tools on IT scripts and workflows.
  • What the future of machine-assisted work might look like.

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