The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #18 – Hardware and users (Turning it Off and On Again)

The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #18 – Hardware and users (Turning it Off and On Again)
March 22, 2023

Inspired by some outstanding content on the DEX Hub covering the evolution of IT support, this week Sam, Oriana, Megan and Tom get stuck into the question of “perception vs reality” as it pertains to technology failure around hardware.

The team consider the phenomenon from both sides of the divide – users and IT – and consider what companies and users could all be doing differently. They discuss:

  • How the mutual dependence between hardware and software can be best optimized for value, productivity and longevity
  • How organizations can effectively promote positive behavioral change around technology usage
  • User behavior itself: from ‘turning it off and on again’, to a growing awareness of (and responsibility for) environmental and social impact

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