“You can make small changes that can have quite a positive impact.” – Barbara Matoe

When we think about technology, old has become synonymous with slow, inefficient, outdated. Once a device reaches a certain age (or starts performing poorly), we’re quick to toss it out in favor of a sparkling replacement.

But the ongoing chip shortage crisis has put unprecedented strain on companies’ hardware supplies – leading many in IT to ask: what if a device’s age isn’t the real problem? What if that lifecycle can be extended?

This week, incoming Nexthink Ambassador Barbara Matoe, along with Nexthink’s own sustainability expert Mary Anne Cacciola, join the show to discuss how to extend hardware lifecycles – and how doing so will help both the environment and a business’s bottom line.

We discuss:

  • Common misconceptions around device age and performance
  • How to make a big impact with small changes
  • Using hardware and application data to understand the true impact of employee devices
  • Advocating for Green IT best practices across the organization

To learn more about Green IT and extending hardware lifecycles, be sure to check out the latest Nexthink Insights Report: Quantifying e-Waste in Corporate IT. Read it on the DEX Hub (dex.nexthink.com) for free from March 3rd.

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