The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #6 – From the Classroom to the C-Suite

The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #6 –  From the Classroom to the C-Suite
September 21, 2022


Welcome back to “Reality Bytes”! In this special edition of the DEX Show, we bring together Nexthink’s brightest minds from both the journalist and technology fields to give listeners two perspectives on the topics that matter most in the world of DEX.

In this episode, writers Sam Holzman and Sean Malvey are joined by technologists Oriana Ott and Dina Elshawaf – and they got to the bottom of two of the most urgent (and even controversial!) issues facing modern technology professionals:

  • Are aspiring tech pros learning the right skills to excel in IT roles that have completely transformed over recent years?

  • How can IT teams reduce costs when they’re under the microscope of their executives? 

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