The DEX Show | Podcast #20 – IT Community Building w/ Rod Trent (Microsoft)  

The DEX Show | Podcast #20 – IT Community Building w/ Rod Trent (Microsoft)  
November 10, 2021

What makes an online community thrive?

Sure there are the Reddit’s of the world, which boast millions of users and discourse that ranges from constructive to ghastly and everywhere in between.

But in today’s time of information overload and endless online noise, can IT leaders still build small, supportive communities centered on emerging technologies?

On this week’s episode, our hosts are joined by Rod Trent, Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft. With three decades of IT experience, Rod has spent the last several years building a fantastic community around Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel product. Listen to the full conversation to learn all about:

  • The evolution of interaction in the IT space, from SMS to expansive online communities.
  • Why today’s tech users are hungry for new, gated spaces for engaging discussion.
  • Rod’s key advice for leaders looking to cultivate successful communities.

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