“DEX is not a hobby. It’s a discipline. And in order to make it a discipline, you need a program around it. It’s something like a center of excellence.” — Tim Flower>

Traveling back to the age of the dinosaur, we find the advent of the Digital Employee Experience founded in Windows 95.

Jumping forward about 20 years, and we have a whole new world of technology driven customer experiences that have changed the landscape of DEX.

In this special episode of The DEX Show, we turn the tables on Tim Flower, Global Director of Business Transformation at Nexthink, to talk about his career journey and how it led him to writing Digital Employee Experience for Dummies.

We discuss:

  • The history of DEX and how it came to be what it is today
  • Tim’s personal experiences working in DEX
  • The challenges of writing a DEX for Dummies book


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