The DEX Show | Podcast #38 – The Power of The Team w/ Mary Patry

The DEX Show | Podcast #38 –  The Power of The Team w/ Mary Patry
July 20, 2022


In the last few years, we’ve seen an awakening across the IT space of leaders working on one skill: empathy.

The past outlook of IT, is that it’s a business sector focused on solving problems from employee submitted tickets. A face behind a computer. No need for anything beyond this.

Our guest, Mary Patry, CEO, Executive Coach & IT Advisor at ITeffectivity, LLC, shares that the modern approach, led by CIO leaders, is to focus on employee engagement, experience and emotional health.

We discuss:

    1. Moving from the triage approach of IT needs to prescriptive and preventative
    2. Why it’s important for CIOs to learn to lead with empathy
    3. The importance of company values, culture and connections

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