The Great Resignation impacted the IT industry in a huge way. But now as we exit that era, it’s time to look to the future. Preparing for what comes next is crucial to the success of your business and improving your employee’s experience. 
In today’s episode, we’ll taking a look into the crystal ball to get a glimpse of the future with Alan Nance, Co-Founder and President of XLA Collab. Join us as we chat about the impact of the great resignation on the IT industry and what the landscape will look in the coming years as we are making the shift to an experience economy. 
We discuss:
  • What lead to the Great Resignation, specifically in IT, and when will it end?
  • Will there a Great Regret or a Great Reversal in our near future?
  • The indicators that you should be looking for in the next few months that will determine the direction of the DEX hype cycle 
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