The DEX Show | Podcast #49 – The Impact of Technology on Healthcare w/ Jonathan Butz (Nexthink)

The DEX Show | Podcast #49 – The Impact of Technology on Healthcare w/ Jonathan Butz (Nexthink)
January 4, 2023

If your average primary care physician did everything they were expected to do over the course of a day, their day would be 25 and a half hours long.

Because of the impossible workload, anything that can be done to streamline proper operation must be a top priority — helping clinicians get back to what’s important: Patient care.

In today’s episode, we chat with Jonathan Butz, Healthcare Director at Nexthink, about how technology is helping enable more streamlined processes within healthcare.

We discuss:

  • The challenges of technology in healthcare
  • Focusing on the needs of the healthcare employee
  • How intelligent solutions can help improve the efficacy of healthcare

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Tim Flower is the VP of DEX Strategy at Nexthink and the co-host of the DEX Show Podcast, a show dedicated to technology and change-management professionals interested in improving the way we work. He has worked in enterprise IT for over 30 years, and since joining Nexthink in 2015, he has helped businesses large and small around the world to understand the power of information when viewed through the end-user. Tim is also the author of the new book, DEX for Dummies, a practical guide for organizing and executing an effective DEX strategy in any organization.  Learn More

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