The DEX Show | Podcast #50 – 2023 in Fintech: From Crypto to DevOps w/ Robert Cooke (3Forge)

The DEX Show | Podcast #50 – 2023 in Fintech: From Crypto to DevOps w/ Robert Cooke (3Forge)
January 18, 2023

In today’s episode, Tom and Tim meet Robert Cooke (CTO and Founder, 3Forge), for an absorbing chat about the changing technological face of the finance sector.

The guys cover a lot of interesting ground, from complexity, regulations and IT in financial services companies, to new technologies and their potential impact on this highly regulated industry, to the future of crypto after 2022’s dramatic market crash.

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Tim Flower is the VP of DEX Strategy at Nexthink and the co-host of the DEX Show Podcast, a show dedicated to technology and change-management professionals interested in improving the way we work. He has worked in enterprise IT for over 30 years, and since joining Nexthink in 2015, he has helped businesses large and small around the world to understand the power of information when viewed through the end-user. Tim is also the author of the new book, DEX for Dummies, a practical guide for organizing and executing an effective DEX strategy in any organization.  Learn More

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