The DEX Show | Podcast #62 – The future of ITIL & DEX w/ Matt Beran

The DEX Show | Podcast #62 – The future of ITIL & DEX w/ Matt Beran
June 28, 2023

Ticket Volume’s Matt Beran joins the show to discuss various aspects of the confluence of digital employee experience (DEX) and service management.

The crew explores key elements of delivering a good digital employee experience, such as meeting employees where they are and balancing freedom and autonomy with supportability and cost-effectiveness. They also touch upon the link between employee experience and customer experience, highlighting how happy employees can positively impact the quality of products and services.

They also discuss:

Why IT professionals need to observe employees’ work processes to understand their needs better. Why AI has the potential to enhance service management and drive innovation. The future of ITIL and DEX, focusing on employee experience, AI, and collaboration between IT professionals and employees.

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