The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #20 – Anatomy of a Bad Video Call

The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #20 – Anatomy of a Bad Video Call
April 19, 2023


We’ve all been there: staring at a laptop screen during a video call where everything’s going wrong – audio that goes in and out, choppy video quality, sudden disconnections, you name it.

If you think this is an unavoidable consequence of navigating the modern workplace, today’s episode of Reality Bytes is here to prove otherwise.

This week, Nexthink technical experts Oriana and Dina school Tom, Sean, and Sam on the ins and outs of video conferencing technology, why problems occur, and how they can be prevented. They discuss:

  • Personal horror stories of bad call experiences.
  • The technical factors that influence video call quality.
  • How IT can proactively improve collaboration tool experience.

If you want to learn more about improving poor call quality, be sure to read the following blog post: How to Improve MS Teams’ Poor Quality across the Enterprise with Nexthink

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