“What would make me really happy is to see digitalization and technical solutions help us present a solution for the urgent problem of carbon emissions.” — Rainer Karcher

In 2020, the amount of energy consumed worldwide by data centers increased by 40% due to the pandemic. With that increase in consumption comes an increase in production of energy, which more often than not leads to an increase in carbon emissions.
It’s clear to see that the more we digitize, the more we should seriously consider how green IT principles can reduce our impact on the environment.
In this episode, Rainer Karcher, Global Director IT Sustainability at Siemens, ranks IT behavior from best to worst and shares how to embrace more green, more decarbonized, and more efficient IT practices in our day-to-day lives.
We discuss:
  • The impact of IT on the environment
  • The tiers of green IT
  • The future of green IT
You can read Rainer Karcher’s brilliant new article: Darker Backgrounds, Brighter Futures: Siemens’ Real-World Green IT
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