What do you need to provide a great digital employee experience?
In today’s episode, one of the foremost experts in EUEM technology provides the definitive answer to that crucial question.
We’re chatting once again with Andrew Hewitt, senior analyst at Forrester and the author of The Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022. This report delivers deeply researched analysis of the top EUEM vendors in the world – and Andrew’s brought the same level of illuminating insight to his appearance on the DEX Show.
Join us as we break down the top 5 capabilities you need from your DEX technology in order to provide the best possible digital experiences. Andrew’s stellar analysis will answer all your questions about:
  • How experience data and qualitative feedback has evolved in recent years.
  • What separates a must-have capability from a commodity in your tech stack.
  • The tactics that make or break a support model in today’s EUEM market.
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