The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #22 – Data Hungry Humans: the future of Green IT

The DEX Show | Reality Bytes #22 – Data Hungry Humans: the future of Green IT
May 17, 2023

The FULL Reality Bytes team joins today’s episode to wish Sam bon voyage on his last ever show appearance, along with a great discussion of the current and future state of Green IT.

The team analyzes the recent reemergence of Green IT to the very forefront of the IT zeitgeist, asking why now, and what the current perspectives and ambitions are around Green IT of corporate leadership, employees and of course IT itself.

The team discuss:

  • How employees are educating themselves, and can be better educated, regarding the environmental impact of data consumption
  • How a greener IT policy is frequently a more economical one – including tips around greener approaches to the hardware refresh cycle
  • The rise of green coding – and the broader effort to limit the environmental impact of tech
  • Nexthink’s latest innovations with Green IT

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